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Mr. Cheng Yang

Seventh/Eighth Combo


I'm Cheng Yang. Growing up in a household with 9 siblings, the importance of family has been etched into my core. Today, I'm married and also have a delightful little boy, expanding the circle of love in our family.


My professional journey has led me into the realm of education, where I wear the hat of a biology teacher. This means I get to teach students about animals, plants, and the fascinating world of science. In 2017, I earned my Bachelor's degree in Biological Science from Chico State University. Those years of studying opened my eyes to the intricate beauty of the natural world and equipped me to share that enthusiasm with my students.


For the past 2 years, I've been privileged to stand in front of eager minds, instilling in them the wonder of biology. Watching their faces light up with understanding and curiosity is a reward like no other. Teaching isn't just about books and lectures; it's about fostering a passion for learning that extends beyond the classroom.


Beyond the world of academia, I have my own interests that color my life. When I'm not busy teaching or spending quality time with my loved ones, I relish in moments of downtime. Watching movies and immersing myself in video games serve as my chosen ways to unwind and recharge. It's a little escape from the routine, allowing me to step into different worlds for a while.


Sports are another thread that's woven into the fabric of my life. Tennis and soccer have a special place in my heart, as they offer not only physical activity but also camaraderie and friendly competition. The thrill of the game and the bonds forged on the field make these sports a cornerstone of my recreational life.


But it's not just about me; community is equally significant. I'm actively engaged in the Hmong Church community, where I find fulfillment in contributing my time and efforts. Being part of a collective, where everyone strives to make a positive difference, resonates deeply with my values. Whether it's lending a helping hand or simply being present for others, this community involvement is a source of joy and meaning in my life.


This year marks an exciting new chapter for me as I embark on a fresh journey at STREAM Charter. Despite having taught for about 2 years, this will be my first year in this new environment. The prospect of new faces, challenges, and experiences fills me with a mix of anticipation and excitement. It's a testament to my dedication to teaching that I'm always open to new opportunities to expand my horizons.


My life is a medley of family, teaching, sports, relaxation with movies and games, and community engagement. I'm driven by the desire to make a positive impact, whether it's on my students, my family, my community, or even myself.


As I move forward on this journey, I carry with me the lessons of family unity, the joy of teaching, the spirit of sportsmanship, the necessity of relaxation, and the fulfillment of community service. With each step, I hope to weave these elements together into a life that's not only meaningful for me but also has a ripple effect on the world around me.

Contact Information:

email -

Phone - (530) 534-1633

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