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Mr. Devin Thomas


My name is Devin B. Thomas.  I was born and raised in Southern California, and spent my elementary, middle and high school years underachieving in the classroom, and excelling in all aspects of athletics. As high school was coming to a close, I knew that I wanted to continue participating in athletics and that college was a good place to do that, however colleges looked at my lackluster transcripts and thought otherwise. I realized that I needed to apply myself in the classroom as I had on the field, so off to junior college I went. Through hard work and encouragement from my parents, I was able to transfer to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to play football AND actually do the work in the classroom. Through an odd assortment of individuals, I was led into coaching and then into teaching in the classroom. The last 25 years have included several positions in education, including Principal, Dean of Students, and Athletic Director at the High School level, coach (college, high school, middle school) and teaching multiple subjects including P.E., history, math, and social studies.  I also enjoyed my time as an adjuct professor at Point Loma University. 


My experience working with youth extends beyond a school environment. Prior to working in education, I was a youth counselor at various juvenile facilities.


My wife, two sons and I are greatly enjoying the calm life in Oroville. 


I enjoy, in no particular order, golfing, boxing, reading and watching the Lakers, Rams, Angels and UCLA football and basketball. If any of the aforementioned teams plays poorly, please approach me with caution. Just kidding…but really beef jerkey, fruit snacks, cherry slushies, and smokehouse almonds will help ease my sorrows. 


Contact Information:

email -

Phone - (530) 534-1633


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