Mrs. Kelly Thao - 3-5 Independent Study Teacher

Hello! I'm Kelly Thao, and it is great to be back! I’ve been fortunate enough to have served in a variety of educational settings, and am looking forward to my third year of teaching with STREAM. 


My husband and I are expecting our first baby! She will be due in December. We are excited to share her with our loving and enormous family (there are a total of 17 adults and 15 nieces and nephews!). We appreciate family road trips, fishing trips, food parties, and nap parties! 


I began my education career with Butte College. After completing an A.S degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences, I quickly transferred to Chico State to pursue a B.A degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in Special Education. Once I completed my degree, I went right into the Concurrent Credential Program where I received two teaching credentials in the areas of General Education and Special Education.


My first year of teaching was with STREAM in 2019-2020. I gained countless valuable skills and experiences that later helped ease the road to achievement when I became an Educational Specialist in an Autism Spectrum Disorder Special Day Class. Working with students on the spectrum was a lifetime experience. It challenged me to be an educator for my students, their families, the staff, and myself. 


The school culture at STREAM Charter and its mission to equip students with life and academic excellence to develop future leaders is phenomenal, and a dream I am thrilled to be a part of again. I am eager to share with my students an everlasting impression on how important their education is. This school year is going to be an awesome year!


Contact Information:

email - kthao@streamcharter.net

Phone - (530) 534-1633