Mrs. Abi Cuyno - Breakfast Manager and I.S. Tutor and Interventionist


Hello! My name is Abi Cuyno. I have worked in various capacities on the STREAM campus over the years. I volunteered in the BCOE run after school program during STREAM’s first year and then I worked as a high school tutor the next year. When I started college, I took a short break, but then came back as an aide substitute and ASP aide. Since then I have been an interventionist for every grade level, worked in ASP, I have run the breakfast program for the past two years, and completed whatever jobs are thrown at me in between everything. I graduated from Chico State with my B.A. in Communication Studies and am pursuing my teaching credential now. This year I will be an aide for Mrs. Thao in the 3-5 Independent Study classroom. 

Contact Information:

email - acuyno@streamcharter.net

Phone - (530) 534-1633