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Mr. Matt Manera

K-8 Music and Band 


My name is Matt Manera, and I am the Music Teacher at STREAM.  I taught the Las Plumas/Oroville Drum Line for 8 years as a part time teacher.  LP/O was the program that I participated in when I was in High School, as I am Oroville born and raised.  I love Oroville.  It is my home, and am excited to see it growing and changing in recent years.  STREAM is an instrumental part of that growth, and I can not be more excited to be a part of the team!  


     I spent 2 years as an Assistant Pastor in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania from 2010-2012.  This was a formative time in my life, and it was fun to experience another part of the country for a couple years.  But at the end of my time, I was given the option to stay, but I knew I had to come home.  Oroville called me back, which is why I want to see it grow as a place.  I have been at STREAM since the start, and am excited to see it continue to grow!


     In June of 2019 I got married to my wonderful wife Julianne. She is a Chemistry professor at Chico St. She is truly my better half!  Together we have a wonderful little lab mix named Olive.  You may have heard of her from your students, we love to sing about her in music time :)


     In my free time I love to watch the A's, go to the movies, and play my guitar.  I love listening to Podcasts, and audiobooks.  I also lead the Praise Band at The Table, a church in Thermalito.  I am an avid retro video game collector, all the old systems and games. I love to play Mario and the like on the weekends. 


     I am so excited to be a music teacher at a school that offers music time for kids every day.  This is so rare in this area, so I love that student's lives can be enriched through music at STREAM.  I look forward to building the program, and am excited to share our music in the local events, such as the Veteran's Day Parade, Christmas Light Parade, and Feather Fiesta Day's Parade!


     Let's grow this community together, and partner to see Oroville become the "Gold City" that we all know it can be!

Contact Information:

email -

Phone - (530) 534-1633

Class Website - STREAM Band


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