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Mr. Andrew Lerner 

Third Grade


I am Andrew Lerner, and I am absolutely thrilled to be the new 3rd grade teacher here at STREAM.  Before arriving, I served at an alternative education program at Prospect High School for 10 years. The experience of working with students who needed a different approach to education was both rewarding and enlightening. I encouraged my students to find their unique strengths and passions, fostering a love for learning that goes beyond the traditional classroom.


The prospect of being a part of the STREAM community is especially heartwarming because all 5 of my own children have all attended this school.  I love Oroville, and I have lived here my whole life.  My wife Jobelle and I are thankful to have had our kids grow up in this school. We know firsthand how nurturing and supportive this environment is. I am beyond excited to join this family and help create cherished memories at STREAM.


Our oldest daughter Jayann just joined the Navy, our son and second oldest Jay just joined varsity football for Oroville, GO Tigers! This is our last year at STREAM for Jasmine, now an 8th grader, and our two youngest Janis and Alice are still enjoying elementary school years.  At home we have two wonderful dogs Ace and Sabo, husky-shepherd brothers that do everything together, as well as 4 cats Pete, Shadow, Flint, and Grayson, and a 14 year old cockatiel named Alcatraz. 


Teaching third grade is an incredible privilege because it marks a crucial stage in our students' educational journey.  Their enthusiasm for learning is like a spark that ignites a teacher's passion and rejuvenates my love for education.  I graduated from Chico State with two bachelors; Liberal Studies and Natural Science, so the joy of science plays a big role in my classroom. 


Now, let me share one of my greatest passions – 3D printing! There's something magical about turning digital designs into tangible objects, and I find it absolutely fascinating. I'm excited to share this passion with the school and encourage students to explore their own creativity through this amazing technology.


Looking forward to an amazing year filled with adventures and discoveries!

Contact Information:

email -

Phone - (530) 534-1633

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