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School Closure Update February 14th

News: Mandatory Evacuation Order has been reduced to Evacuation Warning. Residents are allowed to return home.

Workers have been shoring up the eroded areas and dropping the lake level. There is still the possibility of an issue.

Be advised: This is not a guarantee that there will not be another evacuation. Be prepared and ready at all times. Particularly since a storm is coming. Keep stuff in the car, ready to go.

Stores are allowed to reopen. Things may be limited in Oroville, so if you are coming back from out of town, you may want to gas up and purchase groceries before returning.

We are planning to keep STREAM closed until our return from vacation on Monday, February 27.

If anyone needs a band instrument, jacket, or medication that was left at school, please let us know and we will meet you there to recover your item(s).

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